Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Dalkeith - Issue No.: 355 Issue Date: 21 Mar, 2019

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President Elect David Ellis

Meeting Notes 18th June 2018 - PE David Ellis

President Craig opened the meeting at 6.30pm on 18th June.

Welcomed Guest Speaker, PE David Ellis.


Jon Steward has been accepted as a new member and will be inducted next week.


Marion Cahiff 23rd June.


Charitable Trust:

Donations to trust before June 30th, please. Present balance sitting just below $750,000


Board meeting at Trevor Gorey’s house this evening at 8 pm, please take a packed lunch for the trip.


No report this evening as Anthony is in the Maldives. Financials for FY will be loaded to the website upon his return.


37 members for 63%

Club Service

John Bolto gave a presentation on the new club website. This presentation will be distributed to members during the week. There will be an informal one on one training session on the website prior to the meeting next week.

Reminder about submitting apologies and guests attendance notification.

Business Lunch 18th October, start getting your tables organised. Flyer out this week.

Community Service

No report

Vocational Service

Duyfken Summer Sunset event being looked into by the committee, more to follow.

Rotary Foundation and International Service

Still awaiting sign off of Denpasar’s last international project before ours can be approved.

Public Relations

The website for bag orders being established will be running this week. Orders of >50 bags will attract a 20% discount, this is aimed at supplying other Rotary Clubs with bags for them to on sell.

Membership and New Members

Request for members to fill in their profiles on the website, please.


No report, Kim away on vacation.

Presidents Report:

Every year 1 in 5 Australians suffers a mental illness, with suicide being the biggest killer of young Australians.

Through research, ARH hopes to change these figures.

ARH is hosting the 2018 Lift the Lid on Mental Illness: Young Minds Matter forum and cocktail party to thank  Rotary Clubs and donors for their support, and allow researchers and clinicians to network and discover more about ARH research grants.

The keynote speaker will be Associate Professor David Lawrence (Principal research fellow in the Graduate School of Education, UWA).

When: Wednesday 25th July 2018.

Time: 6.00pm for 6.30pm start.

Where: UWA Club Crawley.

Tickets: $40 Adults, from Trybookings.


Travel tax – G Cahiff and K Jackson.

Footy tax – K Jackson, S Halbert and runners-up in D Miller and J Thornton.

Junior club members tax.

Missing in action tax – tree planting non-attendees.


PE David Ellis – Life Talk

David came from Capetown to WA in 1974. However, the story starts in RSA. He had an ambition to marry the daughter of a wealthy vigneron who had no sons, lifestyle choice! This did not work out, finished up marrying the daughter of a WA sheep farmer who had several sons. David has a mixed ancestry including English, Italian and some Indian experience thrown in for good luck. Father was a keen golfer, went to WW2 and met his wife in Florence at the end of the war. There was a long story about the ancestry of his mother’s family that included an Italian General and Ethiopia plus some time in India. His mother’s whole family finished up moving to RSA and still live there now. His father was Scottish and when he retired he left his body to science so in good Scottish fashion David did not have to pick up the funeral bill.

His father bought the Queens Hotel in East London and the family lived there for some years and really enjoyed the lifestyle. They had many servants and David particularly remembers his nanny. His father then decided to invest in agriculture and bought a pineapple farm north of East London. Fishing was very good up there. His mother missed Florence and used to go to town once a week as she missed the arts etc. Eventually, there was a significant downturn in the agriculture market and the export market for pineapples crashed. The farm went broke and his family moved to Capetown to live having had to sell all their assets in East London.

David went to Capetown School ?? which had a perpetual Rhodes Scholarship associated with it. Very good school and had a great time learning and playing sport. Wanted to do law but grades not good enough so joined SA Army Gym and became a navy diver. Later he went to University of Capetown, very left-wing establishment, supported the anti-apartheid movement. Did a commerce degree majoring in marketing. Then got an internship with a good company in Capetown. Did not pay well so had a part-time job in a service station to make ends meet.

This is when he met his wife, married quickly and settled down in Capetown. She wanted to return to Australia so finished up moving back to Australia. David packed all their worldly possessions onto the Fairstar and came to WA. They lived in Kalamunda and David worked in the city. He worked in accounting firms, Town and Country BS and an advertising agency before settling on being a real estate agent in the hills. This led to starting up his business broking business. His wife Tanya still runs the real estate management business and David runs the broking business.

He ran into a number of club members over the year who helped him in business including Graeme Sansom, Russell Hawkins, and David Miller.

He joined Nedlands Rotary Club for 4 to 5 years in the late 1980s but ran out of time in his personal life so resigned when he was PE. Met a number of the founding members of Dalkeith RC at that time. He moved to Goldsworthy Road about 6 years ago and some of his neighbours were RCD members and influenced him to join again. Has thoroughly enjoyed the experience and honoured to be taking on the president’s role next year.

Appreciation: Craig thanked David for his talk and asked to confirm the fact that David was PE when he last resigned from Rotary. David confirmed this. Craig commented that he hopes it’s not going to happen again and David reassured all that he was looking forward to the next year as President.

Meeting closed at 7.50pm with Craig reminding all that it was the change over dinner next week and that partners were welcome if they wish to attend.



Author: John Bolto

Published: 20 June, 2018


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