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Meeting Notes 11th June 2018 - Phil Evans


Mr Phil Evans

For competitors in the annual Marathon Des Sables, which covered 250km across the Sahara Desert in just six days from April 6, 2018.

The equation for success was simple — he was required to stay in front of the support-team camel or get eliminated.

Phil Evans had to average a marathon a day, including 86km on day four, to finish.

Phil was allowed to carry only a 10kg pack for his week’s rations and shared water and an eight-man tent with others among the 1200 competitors. The $5000 entry fee came with a requirement to sign waivers and a body repatriation form.

Evans, who was once a sports scientist working with elite athletes in Britain, is now with Perth charity Everyday Leader and hopes to raise $45,000 to build a school in Africa with New York charity Pencils of Promise.


10 apologies, 1 LOA, 1 speaker, should be 46 present-


 One of the core values of Rotary International is Fellowship, and it is almost quaint and for some irrelevant until you examine a definition of the word. The notion of “a friendly association with people who share one’s interests”, with words such as companionship, comradeship, friendship and mutual support, respect and liking, ensures that the nebulous nature of the word becomes clear.

It is obvious to me that fellowship features so strongly in successful clubs.

It is interesting to explore the notion of organised Rotary Fellowships, and to find that they are:

international, independently organised groups of Rotarians, Rotarian spouses, and Rotaractors who share a common vocation or recreational interest.

Rotary Fellowships give their members the opportunity to have fun, make new friends around the world, and to enhance their experience in Rotary. It all started in 1947 when The Foundation established its first program, Fellowships for Advanced Study, later known as Ambassadorial Scholarships. Now we have a Rotary Fellowship for almost anything you can think of…….wine, beer, yachting, sailing, cooking, four-wheel drive, and the list goes on.

Acknowledgement: DG Julie Mason District 9800.  

Q. What is the Rotary International Theme for the month of June 2018?

A. Fellowships Month.

FAMILY AND FRIENDS; Any Rotarians who have news of family and friends they would like to share.

Chris Cole – his nephew, broke the world record for climbing the seven highest peaks, one on each continent, and took only 117 days. President Craig praised the effort.


Four anniversaries this week, Graeme Sansom, John Bolto, Kim Smith and Anthony McGrath.



Nearing EOFY and reminds all members regards donations to the Charitable Trust.

Trust performance to date in FY18 has been 9.45%, which is respectable given lower risk profile taken for the trust.


Board meeting next Monday at 8 pm


Anthony asked members to pursue sponsorship for the Cottesloe Corporate Golf Day in November.


41 attendees including 1 guest for an attendance of 62.5%

Club Service:   

John Bolto gave a brief demonstration of the new ClubRunner website, more extensive demo next week followed by training before meeting the week after. The new website will be live for Meeting 9th July.

Community Service

Tree planting completed successfully on the Friday before the long weekend.

Vocational Service

Planning a visit to WA Ballet on 29th August, sheet going around this evening to gauge interest before we confirm the visit. Dave Smith gave a detailed explanation of the proposed visit.

Rotary Foundation and International Service

RC of Denpasar has submitted their report on a prior project so now hopeful of having the international grant approved before 30th June.

Public Relations

Reusable bags now available, selling @ 2 x $5. Meeting next Monday before the dinner to discuss the marketing strategy for the bags.

Membership and New Members

1 new member in the process presently.

Only 43 of 63 profiles completed on the website. Please attend to this.


One application for RYLEAP and 1 for RY Exchange, this application now delayed for one year at the request of the applicant.

Inbound Exchange Student, Carlos, due in late July.


  • District Assembly held yesterday and 7 Dalkeith Rotarians attended
  • Australian Rotary Health has invited Rotarians to attend the 2018 Mental Illness Forum and networking cocktail party to thank our Rotary Clubs and donors for their support, and allow researchers and clinicians to network and discover more about ARH research grants. 

Every year 1 in 5 Australians suffers a mental illness, with suicide being the biggest killer of young Australians. Through research, ARH hopes to change these figures. 

The keynote speaker Associate Professor David Lawrence (Principal research fellow in the Graduate School of Education, UWA) says mental disorders are among the most common and disabling health conditions affecting children and adolescents today.

25 July 2018 at UWA Club, 6 for 6.30, $40 per head includes drinks and canapes.

  • Changeover Dinner on 25 June. Members particularly outgoing and incoming Board Members are encouraged to bring their partners
  • Rotarian Rebecca Tolstoy AM

For significant service to the community through leadership of social welfare organisations, and through support for victims of domestic violence.

Service includes:

Path of Hope Foundation (offers assistance and resources to women vulnerable to or currently experiencing family violence):
Founder and Chair, since 2008.
The opening of the new Children's Learning Centre at the Highgate women's refuge.

The opening of the new Outreach Centre at the Highgate Safe House, 2017.

  • Vale PDG Liz Westoby.


Birthday, anniversaries and club service recognised.

Wine table

Departure and arrivals tax – Kim Smith, Richard Ranshaw, Trevor Gorey, Peter Panek, Bob Davis and Ken Ilett

Footy tax – Kent Warburton and Brian English

Anita welcomed to the club.


Phil Evans, an entrant in 2018 Marathon des Sables. He has elite sports background as a nutritionist and works in a, not for profit organisation that educates at-risk youth in positive psychology and emotional intelligence.

Costs $6000 to enter plus at least another $8000 to participate.

Six marathons in 5 days through the dunes and jebels of the Sahara Desert on the border of Morroco.

2 participants from WA, 25 from ANZ. Must carry all your food and essentials, limited water supplied.

Phil did it to support a charity called Pencils of Promise that builds schools in underprivileged countries.

He described the race which sounded brutal. He suffered from blisters and sore feet from Day 2 onwards. Nearly did not finish on Day 4 which was the double marathon day. Took him more than 24 hrs to finish this day. He did finish the race, and now a month later his feet are healed, and the soreness has faded.

What kept him going – Asking himself the question SO WHAT – no excuses, no barriers was his moto. He says he learned a lot about his endurance, especially mentally.

Would he do it again, maybe but only in Antarctica.

Lost 3 to 4 kgs during the event.

Biggest learning – could have prepared better and should have listened when the organizer told him to bring shoes 2 sizes too big, swelling of feet and shoe rub was his biggest problem.

Craig gave a brief appreciation and thanked Phil for his insights.


25th June 2018 Change-Over Dinner.  

30th June 2018 District Changeover.

25th July ARH Mental Illness Forum.

29th August 2018, visit to WA Ballet.

18th October 2018 Business Lunch - Thursday.

 Nov 18 Cottesloe Golf Day.

Author: John Bolto

Published: 13 June, 2018


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