Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Dalkeith - Issue No.: 372 Issue Date: 18 Jul, 2019

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Meeting Notes 21st May 2018 - Max Bird

President Craig James welcomed Rotarians and guests to the Rotary Club of Dalkeith, “the home of Rotary District 9455”.

President Craig welcomed members and guests to the club meeting this evening, with a special welcome for Guest Speaker and Rotarian, Max Bird, who will be speaking about Rotary in Timor Leste.   

He asked members and guests to sing the anthem. John Thornton asked the members to sing the last line with emphasis.

Apologies and Leave of Absence:

18 Apologies, 2 LOA, and 1 guest speaker, should be 41 present.

Visiting Rotarians and Guests:

David Smith introduced his wife Rosalind.

Neil Wilkie introduced his friend Anita Bourke.

Question of the Week: 

Tom Langley read the question for this week:

Question:  The Rotary International Office of Investment is responsible for managing Rotary’s investments according to policies set by The Rotary Foundation’s Trustees and Rotary International’s Board of Directors. The RIOI manages Four separate Funds. What are they?

Answer: Annual Fund


 Polio Plus Fund

 Rotary International

Answered By: Kim Smith

Family and Friends:

John Bolto announced his daughter Alex Gatto is expecting her first child in December and John’s second grandchild.

Birthdays and Anniversaries: Bob Davis announced the birthdays and anniversaries as follows:

Mon, 21 May - Ron and Michele Wilson will be celebrating 43 years of Marriage

Tue, 22 May - Craig and Colette James will be celebrating 42 years of Marriage

Tue, 22 May - Peter Smith will have served our Rotary club for 1 year

Tue, 29 May - Kevin Jackson will have served our Rotary club for 1 year

Members Attendance: Kent Warburton – 67% attendance 38 members present.

Committee Reports and Announcements:

Charitable Trust: (Russell Hawkins): Trust committee is meeting tomorrow night. He reported the trust investments are doing quite well.  There will be a letter coming out shortly seeking tax-deductible donations.

Club Secretary’s Report (Trevor Gorey): an apology.

Club Treasurer’s Report (Anthony McGrath): Accounts on the web site current as of today. The Board is currently forming the budget and that will set the goals and plans for next year.  Now is the time to have your say. In response to a question from President Craig, Anthony advised the District Conference appears on track to end up $20k in the black.

Anthony also asked for members to seek gold sponsors for the Cottesloe Gold Day in November this year.

Club Service: (John Bolto/John Murdoch): John alerted members to the last two Entertainment books that he has available.  John also noted that apologies were much better matching member attendances, but asked members to be more diligent in booking their guests by the Friday before the meeting.

Community Service: (David Miller/Steve Halbert): an apology.

Vocational Service: (Peter Marfleet/Kevin Jackson):  Peter announced that next week the club will be announcing a vocational excellence award to recognise teamwork.

Kevin Jackson announced that he understands Shelter Box will be nominated for the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize.

Foundation and International Service: (Ken Ilett/Gary Dienhoff): No report

Membership: (David Ellis/David Smith): David drew members attention to the e-mail today from PDG Jerry about membership retention and engagement. David asked members with ideas they would like to implement to step forward as he is keen to help facilitate their ambitions.

Youth: (Kim Smith/Leon Lorenzen):  Kim advised the club now have two applicants for the NYSF, and there is still time to apply before applications close at the end of May.  The club also has one Rotary Youth Exchange applicant.

Guest Speaker Max Bird

Brian English introduces our Guest Speaker Max Bird

Public Relations: (Peter Robertson/Albert Deda): Hooray … we have shopping bags which Peter displayed, and President Craig urged members to take up to display Rotary more widely.

Presidents Report:

Board Meeting Tonight, confirmation of distribution of Club Funds.

RI Presidential Citation is being prepared and appears achievable (true to RI President Ian’s promise)

District Assembly 10 June.  All Board members should attend if at all possible.

June Board Meeting will be a joint 2017/18 and 2018/19 Board meeting to set projects and priorities.

Sergeant: Acting Sergeant Richard Ranshaw with Corporals John Lindquist and David Smith

The Sergeant rewarded the footy tip winner and extracted his tithe. The comings and goings were subject to arrivals and departures tax.  Finally, Anthony McGrath was left the only person standing and perhaps the only person understanding.

Guest Speaker: Brian English introduced members to Max Bird who he described as the sort of Rotarian we would all like to be. He is a former Kwinana citizen of the year, District Rotarian of the year and has several successful community projects in Australia and overseas that he has been closely associated with.

Max Bird has been working in Timor-Leste on and off for a few years now; working hard to deliver clean water supplies to villages where they are required to walk fair distances to get their water to wash, cook and drink. The solution is provided in the form of holding tanks, pumps piping and standpipes. Max has also become involved in improvements to local schools simply by being there and becoming involved with the local community (Teachers, Nuns, and craftsmen) while carrying out his water-works.

Max described his recent project at Gari‑uai in pictures explaining how the project is locally driven by local villagers doing their part.

He described his new project, which will be a joint effort of Districts 9550, 9465 and 9455 to bring water 3.5km downhill to Baguai, a town of 4000 people, which is in the shadow of the second highest mountain in Timor Leste.

Max left members in no doubt of the value of his work and its positive, practical outcomes. His engagement with Rotarians across Districts demonstrates he can engage and share with other Rotarians with interest in helping, either physically or financially.

President Craig thanked Max for his address and demonstration of Rotary values.

Future Events: President Craig reminded members of the future club events.

Greening Australia … 400 trees in Mosman Park on Friday 25th May 2018.

District Assembly …. 10th June 2018.

Dalkeith change-over dinner …  26th June 2018.

District change-over dinner …  30th June 2018.

Business Lunch … Thursday 18th October 2018 at Royal Perth Golf Club.     The speaker will be the former CSIRO chief executive, Dr. Megan Clark AC FTSE who was recently appointed to chair an Expert Review Group into the Australian Space Industry.

Close: President Craig thanked the NGC staff Denise and Emma, and Cupid Caterers Mandy and Sandy. He acknowledged Sponsors Lizzie Bee Florists, Butler Settineri (Club Auditors), Paragon Consultants (Charitable Trust Auditors) and PSZ Accounting (Charitable Trust software).

President Craig thanked Max for his fascinating insight into his community work in Timor Leste. He provided a Rotary cake as a token of our appreciation.

He called on members to recognise RI President Ian Riseley’s Presidential theme for the year, Rotary Making a Difference.

Members were asked to acknowledge the Flag.

Author: Tom Kendall

Published: 22 May, 2018


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