Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Dalkeith - Issue No.: 372 Issue Date: 18 Jul, 2019

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Meeting Notes 14th May 2018 - Robin Lim

President Craig James welcomed Rotarians and guests to the Rotary Club of Dalkeith, “the home of Rotary District 9455”.

President Craig welcomed members and guests to the club meeting this evening, with a special welcome for Guest Speaker Robin Lim who will be speaking about Bali Midwifery.   

He asked members and guests to sing the anthem. John Thornton asked the members to sing the last line with emphasis.

Apologies and Leave of Absence:

3 Apologies, 6 guests, should be 51 present.

Visiting Rotarians and Guests:

Win Jones introduced Eka, an assistant to Robin Lim, and Lyn Leeder, a former Rotaract member. 

Tom Kendall introduced Joey Koh, an engineering student at UWA who is his mentee.

John Saleeba introduced his wife Lee.

Neil Wilkie introduced his wife June.

Richard Gorham introduced his friend Anita Bourke.

Richard Sudlow introduced his wife Jo.

Ken Ilett introduced his wife Helen.

Win Jones introduced his wife Margaret.

Question of the Week:

The question for this week was read by Tom Langley / President Craig:

Question:  The Rotary Foundation transforms Rotarians’ gifts into service projects that change lives both close to home and around the world.

How much has the Rotary Foundation spent on life-changing, sustainable projects during the past 100 years?

Answer: During the past 100 years, the Foundation has spent $3 billion on life-changing, sustainable projects.

Answered By:  Richard Gorham

Birthdays and Anniversaries: Bob Davis announced the birthdays and anniversaries as follows:

Fri, 18 May - Denice Goh's Birthday.

Tue, 15 May - Peter Webb will have served our Rotary club for 1 year.

Members Attendance: Kent Warburton 72% attendance – 40 members present..

Committee Reports and Announcements:

Charitable Trust: (Russell Hawkins): no report

Club Secretary’s Report (Trevor Gorey): no report.

Club Treasurer’s Report (Anthony McGrath): no report

Club Service: (John Bolto/John Murdoch):    John Murdoch announced that a Committee meeting would be held this week. John Mackinnon asked members to note that the Business Lunch is on the Thursday at the Royal Perth Golf Club.

Community Service: (David Miller/Steve Halbert): David Miller reported a wonderful wine night where Ray Jordan had again excelled and done a marvelous job.  He thanked Anthony McGrath, Tim Humphry and Richard Gorham for their great organisation and announced that $14,000 had been raised.

Vocational Service: (Peter Marfleet/Kevin Jackson):  No report

Foundation and International Service: (Ken Ilett/Gary Dienhoff): Ken advised members that the Global Grant for JFF bus was continuing to make progress.

Membership: (David Ellis/David Smith): Davis Ellis called for more membership applications, please.  He also reported on the Zone meeting and advertised a Lions Club of Claremont Nedlands hosting a Sportsman’s Lunch with Karl Langdon speaking on May 22nd.

Youth: (Kim Smith/Leon Lorenzen):  Kim reported one application so far for the NYSF which is being processed, but there is an appetite for more.

Youth: (Peter Robertson/Albert Deda): Peter reported that the shopping bags will arrive soon.

President’s Report:

President Craig reminded members that David Miller is seeking at least three more tree planters for May 25th and the more the merrier.

Sergeant: Acting Sergeant Bob Davis and Smith family Corporals Kim and Peter.

The Acting Sergeant who admitted to only ever achieving a military rank of Acting Lance Corporal announced that members should pay a gold coin fine, but invited those feeling particularly guilty, to contribute more until the guilt passed. John Thornton was chided by the Sergeant for paying at the door this evening with “drug money” denominations and invited to contribute a gold coin. Nigel Johnson had been found watering the road outside his house at midday. ADG Tim was offered his ADG badge for a small fee.  Peter Roberson was accused of, and confessed to, over-dressing.  Win Jones drew the Sergeant’s attention for introducing all the ladies surrounding him to the members, except his wife. The wine table and football winners contributed, as did your scribe for providing David and Rosalind Smith with transport to an event only to have them pay the cab fare home.

Guest speaker Robin Lim

There were several other misdemeanors and achievements rewarded with fines, but your scribe was enjoying the spectacle so much he forgot to record the detail.

Win Jones “bought the podium” and issued a fine to the Acting Sergeant for not pronouncing Duyfken correctly. Win said that Bob should consider it a form of “corporal” punishment.

Guest Speaker:

Robin Lim was introduced by David Ellis as a celebrity speaker of some note.  She had been awarded the title of “CNN 2011 Hero of the Year” for her contribution to healthy women and family. Robin founded Yayasan Bumi Sehat in 1995 as an Indonesian not-for-profit organization.

Robin opened by saying that "Yayasan" means not-for-profit, "Bumi" means Earth-Mother, and "Sehat" translates as Healthy. She leads the “Healthy Mother Earth Foundation”.

The foundation operates in the birthing and community health space in Bali and Aceh.  The centres are focused upon providing a culturally “safe” environment based upon respect, human dignity and, most importantly, loving kindness.

The foundation also undertakes projects to improve sustainability by midwife education, basic services to reduce mother and child mortality (hygiene and food), and teaching English and IT skills.

Robin reminded the members of the complexity of a rising childbirth mortality rate in Indonesia with a story of the politics of food.  She is seeing examples of malnutrition because of changes to the rice varieties (promoted to improve agriculture) which are less nutritious and the commercialisation of the fish catch, making people protein-poor.

Despite all the problems, Robin promotes a simple message of dignity, love, and care.  She gave a big wrap to the JFF.

More information here:

Future Events: President Craig reminded members of the future club events.

Greening Australia … 400 trees in Mosman Park on Friday 25th May 2018.

Dalkeith change-over dinner …  26th June 2018

District change-over dinner …  30th June 2018

Business Lunch … Thursday 18th October 2018 at Royal Perth Golf Club.

Close: President Craig thanked the NGC staff Denise and Emma, and Cupid Caterers Mandy and Sandy. He acknowledged Sponsors Lizzie Bee Florists, Butler Settineri (Club Auditors), Paragon Consultants (Charitable Trust Auditors) and PSZ Accounting (Charitable Trust software).

President Craig thanked Robin for her inspiring address and congratulated her and her team on all the good work they are doing. He provided a Rotary cake as a token of our appreciation.

He thanked Anita, Joey, Helen, Margaret, Lee, Jo and June for attending and hoped they would return.

He called on members to recognise RI President Ian Riseley’s Presidential theme for the year, Rotary Making a Difference.

Members were asked to acknowledge the Flag.

Author: Tom Kendall

Published: 14 May, 2018


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