Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Dalkeith - Issue No.: 372 Issue Date: 18 Jul, 2019

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President Craig James announces the awarding of a Paul Harris Fellowship to Gary Dienhoff

Meeting Notes 7th May 2018 - Kevin Jackson

President Craig James welcomed Rotarians and guests to the Rotary Club of Dalkeith, “the home of Rotary District 9455”.

President Craig welcomed members and guests to the club meeting this evening, with a special welcome for member Kevin Jackson who will be telling us his life story.   He asked members and guests to sing the first verse only of the anthem: both verses will be sung on the third meeting of each month.


14 Apologies, 1 guest, should be 44 present.

Visiting Rotarians and Guests:

President Craig welcomed Anita Bourke to our meeting.

Question of the Week: 

The question for this week was read by Tom Langley:

Question:  RI President Ian Riseley in his letter to Rotarians in the April 2018 Edition of Rotary Down Under quoted past UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in relation the effects of global warming. What was the quote?

Answer: There can be no Plan B, because there is no Planet B.

Answered By: Richard Gorham.

Birthdays and Anniversaries: Bob Davis announced the birthdays and anniversaries as follows:

Wed, 9 May - Richard Sudlow's Birthday.

Thu, 10 May - Brenda Bannon's (Peter Webb) Birthday.

Fri, 11 May - Albert Deda will have served our Rotary club for 3 years.

Sunday 13 May – Jo Sudlow’s Birthday.

Members Attendance:  78% attendance – 44 members present (1 exempt).

Induction PHF by President Craig James

Craig said: As an annual donor to the Rotary International Foundation, RCD can nominate members or supporters of Rotary for recognition of their contributions to Rotary.

The acknowledgement comes in the form of Paul Harris Fellowship recognition.

Over the next few months, the Club will be recognizing some of our members.

Tonight, we shall be honouring Gary Dienhoff for his distinguished service to the Club and Rotary.



For 10 years, Gary was a member of the Rotary Club of Fremantle where he served a term as President 1992/1993 before moving to the Dalkeith Club 16 years ago on 11 February 2002.

Gary has been a regular attendee of the Clubs meetings and a keen supporter of its projects.

He has held Board positions including as Chairman of International Committee several times and also Deputy Chair for several years.

Gary is has been an active member of the Vocational Services Committee, he has organised the Polio Eradication Coin Collection for three years and has contributed substantial fines for his golfing wins over many years.

Gary, for your sustained contribution to Rotary I have pleasure in making this award on behalf of all members of the Rotary Club of Dalkeith.

Committee Reports and Announcements:

Charitable Trust: (Russell Hawkins): Russell placed a report on the Trust on each table. Members can also access Trust information on the club website. Russell requested all members to remember the Trust during before the end of the financial year. All donations are tax deductible.

Club Secretary’s Report (Trevor Gorey): no report.

Club Treasurer’s Report (Anthony McGrath): Gary reported that up-to-date financial information is on the website. He also foreshadowed the Cottesloe Corporate Golf Day in November. The club will be looking to get as many corporate entities on board as possible.

Club Service: (John Bolto/John Murdoch):  Tom Langley said that the latest Entertainment Book is now available. Of the 20 books available only 4 are left, and I will bring them to next Monday’s meeting. After they are gone, you will have to wait until Peter Panek returns, for more. This a small but valuable fundraiser as $14 goes to the club from each sale.

Community Service: (David Miller/Steve Halbert): David has had eight starters so far for the tree planting in Mosman Park on Friday 25th May. He needs a minimum of 15 members to plant the 400 trees. Please reply to the email David has sent to all members.

Tim Humphry is concerned at the low commitments for the Wine Night this coming Friday 11th May. Please get your names and guest numbers in as soon as possible.

Vocational Service: (Peter Marfleet/Kevin Jackson):  No report

Foundation and International Service: (Ken Ilett): Ken has sent the final report and information to Rotary International for the grant for the Bali Eye Clinic. Stay tuned.

Membership: (David Ellis/David Smith): no report.

Youth: (Kim Smith):  The club has received an email and photos from Holly Fredrickson, and they can be seen from the RCD website’s front page.

Kevin Jackson's Life Talk

President’s Report:

Zone Meeting 10 May.

District Assembly 10 June.

Sergeant: Sergeant Graeme Sansom and Corporal Kim Smith

Sergeant Graeme, in his latest reincarnation, once again managed to fine most members present; in the process continuing with more fashion awards for those whom he missed last week. Another good fine session, exposing the foibles of all concerned.

Guest Speaker:

Life Talk – Kevin Jackson: introduced by Gary Dienhoff

Born in Geraldton in 1944, but spent his childhood in Kalgoorlie, where his father established a successful stationary business. Kevin helped in the shop after school each day.

His family moved to Perth in 1955 when his father established his new venture, Jacksons Drawing Supplies, in William Street, where Kevin continued helping after classes at Perth Boy’s High School.

On leaving school at 18, Kevin had to choose between studying architecture and entering the family business. The carrot to join the business came with an offer of twelve months trip overseas to see the world and gain experience in other establishments. He worked his way around the world, gaining knowledge and contacts that would serve him for many years.

By 1963 he was back in Perth, and the business moved to 103 Rokeby Road in Subiaco from where it quickly expanded, first to three shops by the 1980s, then to sixteen branches all over the State and Northern Territory, employing 110 people.

In 2010 Kevin sold the business and business-name (but not the properties) to his long-term accountant, and retired to pursue his interest in travel, golf and his long-term association with the State Art Gallery. He continues to manage his properties.

Kevin is married to Jan (Janice), a retired Journalist and they have one daughter, Elizabeth, who has recently returned from working at London University, to take up a position as Senior Lecturer in the Business School at Curtin University.

Kevin told some anecdotes on interesting parts of his business; firstly, on how gold-leaf is produced. Secondly, on the production of the best watercolour brushes in the world, and how a freighter sunk in the canal during the Suez crises eventually produced a profitable return on an unwanted batch of these fine brushes. Bail him up at the bar some evening and get the details direct from the source.


Future Events: President Craig reminded members of the future club events.

Wine tasting … CYC Friday 11th May 2018.

Greening Australia … 400 trees in Mosman Park on Friday 25th May 2018.

District Assembly … 10th June 2018.

Dalkeith change-over dinner …  26th June 2018.

Business Lunch … 17th October 2018.

Cottesloe Corporate Golf Day … November 2018.

Close: President Craig thanked the NGC staff Denise and Emma, and Cupid Caterers Mandy and Sandy. He acknowledged Sponsors Lizzie Bee Florists, Butler Settineri (Club Auditors), Paragon Consultants (Charitable Trust Auditors) and PSZ Accounting (Charitable Trust software).

President Craig thanked Kevin for his entertaining address.

He called on members to recognise RI President Ian Riseley’s Presidential theme for the year, Rotary Making a Difference.

Members were asked to acknowledge the Flag.

Author: Kent Warburton

Published: 8 May, 2018


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