Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Dalkeith - Issue No.: 345 Issue Date: 10 Jan, 2019

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President Craig with Holly Frederickson and her mother Jodie

Meeting Notes 8th January 2018 - Holly Frederickson

President Craig James welcomed Rotarians and guests to the Rotary Club of Dalkeith, “the home of Rotary District 9455”. He welcomed Holly Frederickson and her mother Jodie.  He reminded members that Holly is our club’s Rotary Youth Exchange student who will be leaving for Switzerland shortly and she will briefly address the members this evening after Craig has formally presented her blazer to her.

President Craig asked members and guests to sing the anthem.

Visiting Rotarians and Guests:

David Ellis introduced his guest Paul Napper.

Apologies and LOA: There were 19 apologies and 2 LOA; There should be 34 present.

Question of the Week: 

The question for this week was read by Tom Langley:

There are eleven ways a batter in Cricket can be out - five are very common and five very rare.

More often than not a batter will be caught, bowled, given leg before wicket (lbw), run out or stumped.

The five other ways to lose a wicket range from the uncommon to the almost unseen.

The uncommon methods, but not unheard of, are hit wicket - when a batter removes his or her own bails, usually accidentally - and handled the ball - when he/she handles the ball without permission from the fielding side.

The almost unseen is hit the ball twice (also known as 'double hit') - as it suggests, deliberately hitting the ball twice; obstructing the field - when the batter prevents fielders from executing a run out or a catch; and timed out, which is when a new batter takes too long to appear on the field and Retirement not out .

It's worth knowing however that for the batter to be given out for methods 1 - 10, the fielding team have to also …………(do what?)

Question: What must the fielding team do?

Answer: Appeal to the umpire by asking "how's that?"

Answered by: Bob Davis.

Family and Friends Announcements:

Tim Humphry proudly announced his middle daughter Alex had presented him with a sixth grandchild on 16th December. Both parent and granddaughter are well.

Birthdays and Anniversaries: Bob Davis announced the birthdays and anniversaries as follows:

Wed, 10 Jan - Kevin Jackson's Birthday

Thu, 11 Jan - Bob Davis' Birthday

Sun, 14 Jan - Tanya Ellis' Birthday

Club Announcements:

Members Attendance:  David Smith announced 64% attendance – 34 members and guests present.

Committee Reports and Announcements:

Charitable Trust: (Russell Hawkins): No report.

Club Secretary’s Report (Trevor Gorey): No report.

Club Treasurer’s Report (Anthony McGrath): No report.

District Conference 2018 Report: Anthony urged members to book for next year’s District conference.  Up to Christmas 35 registrations have been received of which 9 are from Dalkeith.

The website to book is

Club Service: (John Murdoch):    John announced a board would come around this evening for the family BBQ on 22nd of this month.

Community Service: (Steve Halbert): No report.

Vocational Service: (Peter Marfleet/Kevin Jackson): Peter urged members to get their names down promptly if they wish to see the Corsini collection.  The Crawley Club will take left over places.  The information about the two vocational visits planned is below in italics for members convenience.

Wed 14th March 6 pm… A private viewing of the Corsine Collection of treasures from Florence at the Art Gallery of WA which will include a private tour and talk by the gallery director, Dr Stefano Carboni.  It will be followed by drinks and nibbles in the Foundation Boardroom. The cost of this event will be $60 head including complimentary parking.

Sunday 15th April 2 pm… John Curtin Art Gallery … A guided viewing of the Carrolup Collection and a sumptuous afternoon tea (complimentary) with Curator Chris Malcolm. There will also be a visit to the Aboriginal Studies building to look at the spectacular mosaic floor.

Holly and Jodie

Craig presents Holly with her Blazer

Both visits are rare opportunities and members should book early to avoid disappointment (numbers are limited) by emailing Kevin at

Foundation and International Service: (Ken Ilett): Pek reminded members of the International Dinner on 26th February in Northbridge, and he will send a board around tonight.  The dinner will be at the Fortune Five Restaurant (108a James Street, Northbridge Opposite the James St Car Park) and it will be a Banquet of 10 courses starting at 6 pm for 6:30 pm; BYO Wine Water and Tea included, Beer cash at Bar. The cost will $60 per person.

Public Relations: (Albert Deda): No report.

Membership: (David Ellis/David Smith): David advised we have one potential new member to interview and urged members to keep inviting potential new members to join.

Youth: (Kim Smith/Leon Lorenzen):  No report.

Announcements and President’s Report:

President Craig announced the Cricket Sweep results will be available soon and it was their last opportunity to purchase the outstanding tickets.

He also advised that John Hopkins is putting together his speaker list for the next six months and members’ suggestions for speakers are welcome.  Any suggestions should be addressed to John soon.

Sergeant: Sergeant Peter Panek and Corporals John Lindquist and Geoffrey Cahiff.

There was celebration of birthdays, anniversaries, the universal wine table, departure tax, arrivals tax, and club service celebration.  Everybody celebrated the Ashes win. The Sergeant celebrated his wedding “save the date” announcement, Peter Webb his HOG status, and Tim his granddaughter.

Guest Speaker: President Craig introduced Holly Frederickson and presented her with her blazer assisted by John Saleeba. Craig said that the Dalkeith Rotary Club was proud to be sponsoring her.

Holly said she was very excited to be heading off on Wednesday week to Winterthur on the outskirts of Zurich. She will be off skiing as soon as she gets there and then to a language camp (she described her current German skills as less than fluent) and then off to school.

While she is on exchange, during the year she will undertake a “Eurotour” of 15 countries in seventeen days and a trip to London for 5 days.  Holly expressed her gratitude to the Rotary Club of Dalkeith for helping to make this wonderful opportunity available to her; as well as her parents and all the other people who have helped.

Craig congratulated Holly on an excellent year at school where she gained straight A’s, including three A+’s.

Future Events: President Craig reminded members of the future club events.

Family Barbeque on Monday, January 22nd, 2018 at NGC.

International Dinner 26th February 2018.

Boat-Tie-Up 18th March 2018.

District Conference … 6-8 April 2018.

Golf Day … Friday 23rd March 2018

Anniversary Dinner … Nedlands Rugby club on Monday 23rd April 2018; 

Wine tasting … CYC Friday 11th May 2018

Greening Australia … 1,000 trees in Mosman Park on Saturday 26th May 2018.

Close: President Craig thanked Holly again for her address.

He thanked the NGC staff Emma and Laurence, the club service committee for organising the pizzas. He acknowledged Sponsors Lizzie Bee Florists, Stirling Partners (Club Auditors), Paragon Consultants (Charitable Trust Auditors) and PSZ Accounting (Charitable Trust software).

He called on members to recognise RI President Ian Riseley’s Presidential theme for the year, Rotary Making a Difference.

Members were asked to acknowledge the Flag.

Author: Tom Kendall

Published: 10 January, 2018


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