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Meeting Notes 4th December 2017 - John Dufty

President Craig James welcomed Rotarians and guests to the Rotary Club of Dalkeith, “the home of Rotary District 9455”. He particularly welcomed this week's speaker,  John Dufty, who will speak on the topic "Foetal alcohol syndrome".

President Craig invited John Thornton to lead the singing of the National Anthem.  John requested members to sing the anthem and sounded the starting note.  The rendition was delicate showing the benefits of John’s recent training of members. 

Visiting Rotarians and Guests:  

Trevor Gorey introduced Paul Nappa and Peter Smith Song Ng as visitors.

Apologies and LOA: There were 18 apologies and 2 LOA with 35 members attending.

Question of the Week: 

The question for this week was read by Tom Langley:

Q. When was district 9455 formed and who was its first District Governor and which club did he come from?

A. John Mckinnon correctly answered, with 2010/2011 and Ian Hutton from West Perth was the first DG.

Family and Friends Announcements:


Birthdays and Anniversaries:

Bob Davies announced that Richard Ranshaw had a big birthday on Wednesday, Dec 6th.

Club Announcements:

Members Attendance:

We had an attendance of 65%.

Committee Reports and Announcements:

Charitable Trust: (Russell Hawkins)

Russell reported that the Charitable Trust was doing well, especially with the recent sharemarket upsurge.

David Smith had recently agreed to join the Trust Board.

Club Secretary’s Report (Trevor Gorey): 

The Board meeting cancelled two weeks ago would now be held following our meeting next Monday evening at 8 pm.

District Conference 2018 Report:

Anthony McGrath was not present however, President Craig urged members to book for next year’s District conference. Members were reminded of the Early Bird prize, which is still current, and urged to book soon. The website to book is

Club Service: (John Bolto/John Murdoch):    

Bruce Mc George advised that he now had 86 bookings for the Xmas party, which was a good response. He reminded everyone that if they wished to attend, they need to register ASAP.

Community Service: (David Miller/Steve Halbert):

David thanked members for their support of Cans for Xmas and advised they had filled 27/30 bins. These would be weighed Tuesday and he would report back next meeting.

Vocational Service: (Peter Marfleet):

Peter advised there would be a VS meeting next Monday at 5  pm at the club.

Foundation and International Service: (Ken Ilett/Gary Dienhoff): No report.

Public Relations: (Peter Robertson/Albert Deda): Peter advised they were updating the Rotary Facebook page.

He would also give an update on the Cans For Xmas to the Post when we had confirmed final results.

Membership: (David Ellis/David Smith): David reported that David Smith had updated our member profiles and of the 60 members we now only had 12 outstanding.

Youth: (Kim Smith/Leon Lorenzen):

Kim reported we had received an email confirming that our nominee Holly Fredrickson would be going to Switzerland and that we would receive an exchange student from Brazil next year.

Announcements and President’s Report:

President Craig thanked members for their support of the Cricket Sweep.

Sergeant: Sergeant Peter Panek and Corporal David Miller

There were the usual fines for the winning quiz table, arrivals, and departure tax, etc.

Peter also welcomed back Tom Langley and announced he’s had also given 9 years of service to the club.

Win Jones was also welcomed back after an extended absence.

Peter also announced that as it was summer and most of us wore shirts, he would dispense with the Rotary Badge Fines, but that it would recommence in Autumn.

Guest Speaker: President Craig introduced the guest speaker Bruce Dufty who is a member of Western Endeavour Club and also District Chair of the Aboriginal Reference Group.

Bruce spoke to us about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder(FASD), which is a lifelong condition relating to permanent brain damage caused by fetal alcohol exposure. It is a condition that is a symptom of parents either not being aware of the dangers of alcohol when pregnant, or planning a pregnancy, or not being supported to stay healthy and strong during pregnancy,

Some of the Cans for Christmas Collectors

The key points of his speech were:

He was representing a number of WA clubs involved in the project and was pleased to advise two NSW clubs had recently also become interested in the project namely Orange and a Sydney Club.

FASD is a serious disorder and causes cognitive disability in children which lasts a lifetime. As an example of what it is, Teachers find that when they convey instructions to affected children they cannot repeat them. They also have poor learning and social skills which carry on into adulthood causing further problems.

Whilst some primary schools have developed special programmes to assist the sufferers, it is not recognised in High Schools or in the Workplace.

Studies have shown that the main damage occurs in the first 11 to 26 days of pregnancy, making awareness a key issue.

8 years ago Telethon became interested in the issue and wanted to help with funding.

Dr James Fitzpatrick took on this massive task and has developed FASD recognition tool to assist those in need.

The problem is also difficult in gaining State Government assistance, as it spans several Departments, eg Health, Police, Justice, Social Welfare, etc and getting them to cooperate and coordinate is not easy.

The Federal government has promised some funding for the next 2 years, but after that, the project will have to find its own.

As such Dr Fitzpatrick has created an organisation called “Patches” to raise awareness and funding.

The project has been deemed to be successful in that in the Fitzroy Valley region, with community support,  they have reduced FASD in the Aboriginal community significantly from 65%  to 15 %.

They are now going to target the Kalgoorlie Region where the alcohol outlets are 1.5 times the national average. Specifically, they are going to commence in Leonora, but will need $572,000 for the project and naturally he is hoping our club may be able to help.

President Craig thanked Bruce for his inciteful address on what is clearly a very complex problem and he wished them all the best in the future.

Future Events: President Craig noted the following future events.

Christmas Party on 8th December 2017.

Family Barbeque on January 15th, 2018

International Dinner 26th February 2018.

Boat-Tie-Up 18th March 2018.

District Conference … 6-8 April 2018.

Close: President Craig again thanked the guest speaker John Dufty on his address and welcomed our guests namely, Paul Nappa and Song Ng and hope they enjoyed the meeting. He also thanked the members for their attendance.

He thanked the NGC staff Denise and Emma, Cupid Caterers Mandy and Sandy, for looking after the members with their service. He acknowledged Sponsors Lizzie Bee Florists, Stirling Partners (Club Auditors), Paragon Consultants (Charitable Trust Auditors) and PSZ Accounting (Charitable Trust software).

He called on members to recognise RI President Ian Riseley’s Presidential theme for the year, Rotary Making a Difference.

Members were asked to acknowledge the Flag.

Author: Chris Cole

Published: 5 December, 2017


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